Asimina triloba
This unique and popular American native bears very large fruit with a custard-like texture and exotic and delicious fruity, banana like flavor. Pawpaw is slow growing and pyramidal-shaped with tropical looking foliage that can reach 1 foot in length. Happy in sun or partial shade, Pawpaw is hardy to minus 25 degrees F, and likes well-drained soil. A combination of at least two varieties are necessary for fruit production. Pawpaws usually begin bearing in two or three years and the fruit ripens from September to October.
This superior variety features wonderful flavor and very high productivity. Allegheny® fruit has delicious, creamy yellow flesh and weigh up to 1/2 pound. 2703
KSU - Atwood™
(KSU 8-2 cv.) The first variety released from the KSU breeding program, this unique, early ripening selection was chosen for its very heavy crops (150 or more fruit per tree) and its rich and delicious flavor. 2710
KSU - Benson™
(KSU 7-5 cv.) This superior and very productive variety bears abundant crops of attractive, early ripening, round fruit. This unique fruit features delectable flavors of mango, pineapple and banana. 2711
KSU - Chappell™
(KSU 4-1 cv.) The newest introduction from the KSU breeding progrram, this unique and attractive variety features very large flavorful fruit with sweet and delicious custard-like flesh. KSU - Chappell™ fruit weighs up to 1 pound each and the tree is very vigorous and easy to grow. 2713
The most vigorous Pawpaw we grow, Mango quickly becomes a small tree and bears large, tasty fruit with attractive, orange-yellow flesh. 2712
Maria's Joy
This unique, award-winning variety was bred by our friend and fellow traveler, Jerry Lehman, who passed away several years ago. Maria’s Joy is named in honor of Maria Plekhanovna, who guided Jerry and five other American fruit explorers around the former Soviet Union in 1991. It produces abundant crops of very large, delectably sweet and flavorful fruit. Weighing up to 1 pound, the fruit has a wonderful, fruity, banana like flavor and ripens in October in our region. 2714
A unique, early ripening variety from Canada, NC-1 is a very reliable producer of large, sweet and tasty fruit with light orange flesh. 2720
Pennsylvania Golden
Pennsylvania Golden produces good crops for gardeners in the Northwest and throughout the U.S. Very sweet and flavorful, this variety is one of the earliest to ripen. 2740
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