Asimina triloba
This unique and popular American native bears very large fruit with a custard-like texture and exotic and delicious fruity, banana like flavor. Pawpaw is slow growing and pyramidal-shaped with tropical looking foliage that can reach 1 foot in length. Happy in sun or partial shade, Pawpaw is hardy to minus 25 degrees F, and likes well-drained soil. A combination of at least two varieties are necessary for fruit production. Pawpaws usually begin bearing in two or three years and the fruit ripens from September to October.
Very large, sweet and delicious, Potomac® fruit has a very high flesh to seed ratio and can weigh 3/4 pound or more. Potomac® features an attractive upright growth habit. 2746
This unique variety often begins bearing the second year after planting. It is also prized for its early ripening and its abundant crops of large, sweet and tasty fruit. 2748
Rebecca’s Gold
An excellent selection from Northern California, Rebecca's Gold produces large, very sweet and richly flavored fruit. 2756
(USPP #14,452, Wansevwan cv.) This patented variety is one of the largest and most flavorful Pawpaws. Shenandoah™ fruit can weigh up to one pound and is sweet and delicious, with creamy yellow, custard-like flesh. 2701
One of our most reliable and productive varieties, Sunflower bears abundant crops of particularly large, sweet and delicious fruit with creamy light yellow flesh. 2764
(USPP #15,900, Lefviv cv.) The largest of all the Peterson Pawpaw™ varieties, Susquehanna® fruit is very sweet and richly flavorful with very few seeds. Individual fruits can weigh over one pound! 2702
A very productive variety, Tallahatchie® bears abundant crops of large, flavorful, aromatic and exceptionally sweet fruit. 2787
This exceptional variety bears abundant crops of very large fruit, often weighing over 1/2 pound. Sweet and aromatic, Wabash® fruit has a delectable, fruity banana-like flavor. 2790
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