Our unique, dwarf Citrus varieties can be grown in pots just about anywhere. Home gardeners throughout the U.S. love growing these beautiful, compact trees. In cold regions, grow these dwarf, attractive trees in containers and move them inside to a sunny location in the fall to protect them from winter cold. Wonderful ornamental and fruiting plants, they feature deliciously fragrant flowers and full-size, tasty fruit. Our dwarf Citrus are grafted onto Flying Dragon rootstock which keeps the plants below 6 feet in height and induces early fruit production.
Australian Finger Lime
Microcitrus australasica
This fascinating and unusual variety is sometimes called "citrus caviar". Contained in the dark purple, 3” long fruit are a multitude of juicy capsules bursting with intense, sweet-tart, lemon-lime flavor. Found in the wild in Australia, Finger Limes have only recently been introduced to the US. 2606
Bearss Lime
Citrus latifolia
Almost as big as a Lemon, Bearss Lime produces abundant, greenish-yellow, seedless, and very juicy fruit. Bearss Lime ripens in late winter into spring, and it can also produce some fruit year-around. 2650
Citrus bergamia
Best known as the flavoring in Earl Grey Tea, Bergamot fruit resembles an orange in shape, but is yellow like a lemon. Sweeter than a lemon, it is prized for its fragrant and delicious juice, which also makes highly regarded marmalade. 2607
Borneo Rangpur
Citrus limonia
Also known as Mandarin Lime, this unique citrus variety produces abundant crops of bright orange, Mandarin orange size fruit. Borneo Rangpur’s fruit makes delicious, lemon-lime flavored juice and is used in many Asian dishes. 2609
Citrus madurensis
This unique citrus variety features abundant crops of 1 inch diameter, very flavorful fruit. Calamondin fruit is deliciously tart and is used like a lemon or lime for seasoning or for making tasty juice or marmalade. Calamondin is easy to grow and is also prized for its fragrant flowers and compact growth habit. 2612
Cara Cara Navel Orange
Citrus sinensis
A natural mutation of Navel Orange, Cara Cara was found in an Orange grove in Venezuela. Similar to Washington Navel in size, Cara Cara fruit is unique for its sweet, reddish pink flesh and occasionally variegated foliage. 2672
Centennial Variegated
Fortunella margarita
This very unique Kumquat is prized for its compact growth habit and striking, white and green variegated foliage. The fruit features very sweet, thin skin and is an incredible taste treat combined with the tangy and tart flesh. 2642
Fortunella obovata
This unique and hard-to-find Chinese variety is prized for its large, juicy, flavorful fruit with very sweet, thin skin. A fine ornamental plant and good for container growing, it features a compact growth habit, summer flowering and abundant crops of bright orange fruit. 2643
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