Diospyros spp.
These very ornamental fruit trees are very popular throughout the world. Persimmons are prized for their dark green, tropical-looking foliage, their yellow, orange, and scarlet fall color, and their striking, large, delicious, bright orange fruits, which, in the case of Asian Persimmon, adorn the tree until well after the leaves have fallen. American Persimmon is hardy to minus 25°F. Asian Persimmon is is hardy to 0°F.
Claypool Persimmon
Diospyros virginiana
These early ripening varieties were selected from the extensive collection planted by Jim Claypool in Illinois. These Prairie Persimmons™ are reliable producers in cooler regions and feature sweet and delicious seedless fruit. They are reliably hardy to minus 20°F or below.
Add $1.00 royalty to the price of each Claypool Persimmon tree.
Prairie Dawn®
(Claypool H55A cv.) From the breeding work of the late Jim Claypool in eastern Illinois, Prairie Dawn® is early ripening and features abundant crops of large, golden-orange, sweet and flavorful fruit. 1450
Prairie Gem™
(Claypool F-25 cv.) This unique and very attractive variety features delicious, light orange, sweet and tender fruit. Prairie Gem™ bears abundant crops of easy to pick, seedless Persimmons. 1453
Prairie Star®
(Claypool H-118 cv.) A superior and early ripening selection from the work of Jim Claypool, Prairie Star® is prized for its large, sweet and flavorful, orange-yellow fruit. 1455
Prairie Sun®
(Claypool A-33 cv.) This beautiful, orange-yellow fruit is not only early ripening, it is delectably sweet, firm and delicious. Prairie Sun® is another excellent selection from Jim Claypool's orchard. 1457
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