Olea europaea
Beautiful and compact evergreen trees, Olives are prized for their ornamental value as well as for their delicious and nutritious fruit. Our unique and hardy Olive varieties can be grown in the Maritime Northwest and other regions where winter temperatures do not fall below 10°F. Olives are wind-pollinated and most varieties require another variety nearby to ensure good crops.
Italian Olive
Italy is one of the most productive regions of olive cultivation in the world. This popular crop is grown widely around the country, in warm and cool regions and at different elevations. These unique and hard-to-find varieties were selected for their cold-hardiness and early ripening.
This hardy, unique and classic Italian variety is prized for its attractive, semi-weeping form and its early ripening, large and tasty fruit. Plant Leccino with another Olive variety for cross-pollination. 4046
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