Ribes spp.
Very popular in Europe and other regions of the world, Currants are not well known in the U.S. Beautiful additions to the landscape or attractive container plants, Currants feature striking clusters of black, red, white or pink, delicious and intensely flavored berries. Our unique selections are especially well suited for our Pacific Northwest climate. Vigorous, very productive and disease-resistant, these valuable varieties will reward your customers with abundant crops of tasty fruit.
White Currant
Ribes spicatum
Our easy to grow, disease-resistant varieties are prized for their striking racemes of attractive and very colorful, translucent berries. These flavorful berries are very nutritious and make a sweet-tart snack or delicious preserves. They ripen in late July and can become even sweeter and remain in good condition on the bush well into September.
This unique French variety features abundant crops of bright white berries. Very sweet and flavorful, they are great for fresh eating and in salads. An easy to grow and disease-resistant compact shrub, it is a delicious addition to any landscape and also good for container growing. 4904
A new and outstanding variety from Slovakia, Blanka bears abundant crops of attractive, very large, juicy, flavorful, translucent berries. 4900
Swedish White
This vigorous, disease-resistant variety produces heavy crops of strikingly attractive and delicious fruit. 4925
White Pearl
From Holland, this popular classic White Currant features attractive, upright form and very large clusters of sweet and flavorful berries. 4910
White Transparent
A valuable French heirloom variety, White Transparent features attractive, large clusters of sweet and flavorful, translucent white berries. Disease resistant and easy to grow, White Transparent forms an upright growing, compact shrub, 3 to 4 feet in height. 4928
Originally from Germany, this unique White Currant displays striking clusters of large, sweet and tasty, translucent white berries. An easy to grow, compact shrub, Zitavia features an upright growth habit and excellent disease resistance. 4998
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