Grow full-size Lemons, Oranges, Grapefruit and other delicious citrus fruit virtually anywhere. With our very dwarf rootstock, these delightful evergreen plants can be grown in containers and brought inside in the winter. In addition to their delicious fruit, Citrus plants feature wonderfully fragrant flowers in the winter. While most Citrus plants should be protected from freezing temperatures, Flying Dragon and Yuzu Ichandrin are hardy Citrus relatives that can be grown outdoors throughout the year west of the Cascade Mountains and in other regions with mild winters.
Unique Citrus
Unique flavors and unusual forms distinguish these hard to find varieties.
Australian Finger Lime
Microcitrus australasica
This fascinating and unusual variety is sometimes called Citrus Caviar. Contained in the dark purple, 3” long fruit are a multitude of juicy capsules bursting with intense, sweet-tart, lemon-lime flavor. Found in the wild in Australia, Finger Limes have only recently been introduced to the US. 2606
Buddha’s Hand Citron
Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis
This unique variety bears striking fruit with “fingers”. The thick, intensely flavorful rind of this bright orange fruit is candied like orange peel or used as a delicious seasoning. 2610
Flying Dragon
Poncirus trifoliata monstrosa
A unique and exotic Citrus relative, Flying Dragon is a deciduous, very dwarf tree with attractive, contorted branches and hook shaped thorns. Flying Dragon bears tart, yellow, 2” diameter fruit that can be used to make a lemon-like seasoning. Hardy to 0°F. aFlying Dragon can be grown outside in many areas of the Pacific Northwest and other regions of the U.S. with mild winters. 2602
Nordmann Seedless Nagami Kumquat
Fortunella margarita
Unlike most other citrus, Kumquats are valued for their sweet and tasty peel. This naturally dwarf and unique variety produces bumper crops of petite, bright orange, elongated fruit. 2645
Pearl Tangelo
Citrus x tangelo
This unique Tangelo variety is a cross of Grapefruit and Mandarin Orange. Pearl Tangelo features particularly attractive, willow-like foliage and delectable, sweet, large fruit with a grapefruit-like flavor. 2626
Sudachi Hybrid Yuzu
Citrus sudachi
Prized in Japan for its very flavorful juice, Sudachi is a cross of Mandarin Orange and Yuzu. The unique, spicy juice from golf ball size Sudachi fruit is used to flavor soups, fish dishes and even ice cream and other desserts. Higher in Vitamin C than Lemons, Sudachi fruit is often picked green, when its flavor is most pronounced. 2619
Variegated Calamondin
Citrus madurensis
One of the hardiest and most attractive of the sweet Citrus varieties, Variegated Calamondin is prized for its abundant crops of striped white and green, 1” diameter fruit, which is used like a lemon or lime to make delicious juice and marmalade. In addition, Variegated Calamondin features compact form, fragrant flowers and attractive, creamy-white and green foliage. 2613
Yuzu Ichandrin
Citrus junos
Prized in Japan for flavoring, juice and preserves, this hardy variety bears abundant, easy-to-peel, 3” diameter fruit with tasty, lemon-lime flavor. Yuzu is reportedly hardy to 0°F. 2618
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