Sea Berry
Hippophae rhamnoides
Very popular in Eastern Europe, Russia and China, Sea Berry is not well known to gardeners in North America. A fine ornamental shrub with graceful, grayish-green foliage, it is particularly striking in late summer when it is covered by abundant, bright orange berries. Tart and flavorful, these nutritious berries are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E. They make delicious juice and contain medicinally valuable oil. Sea Berry is happy in most soils, is hardy to 40° F and is not bothered by pests or diseases. It is wind pollinated and a male and female plant are required for fruit production.
Russian Sea Berry
More work has been done with Sea Berry in the former Soviet Union than in any other country. Breeding goals were to create easy to harvest varieties with large and nutritious fruit. The following varieties are selections from a breeding program at Moscow State University and should do well in most regions of North America. These varieties are typically smaller and less vigorous plants than the German varieties.
(Botanicheskaya cv.) An attractive, upright growing, superior variety, Botanica™ produces abundant crops of very large, flavorful, bright orange fruit that ripens in early to mid August. 5215
Garden’s Gift™
(Podarok Sada cv.) One of the best to come out of the breeding program at Moscow Sate University, Garden's Gift™ is prized for its heavy crops of large, aromatic and flavorful fruit. An attractive shrub with long pendulous branches, it is particularly striking in late summer covered with abundant, dark orange berries. 5275
Orange Glow™
(Plamennaya cv.) Just about the earliest to ripen of all of our varieties, this variety from Belarus produces heavy crops of sweet, flavorful berries. The large, vitamin-rich berries make delicious juice and preserves.
Add $0.50 royalty to the price of each Orange Glow™ Sea Berry Plant. 5276
(Trofimovskaya cv.) This popular selection bears abundant, very large, flavorful and aromatic, bright orange berries. Titan™ can grow to about 10 feet in height. 5332
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