Cydonia oblonga
An attractive, spreading, small tree, Quince is adorned with large, cup-shaped, pink and white flowers in the spring followed by abundant crops of large, bright yellow, sweetly aromatic fruit in late fall. High in Vitamin C and pectin, Quince makes delicious and nutritious preserves and baked goods. Quince is self-fertile and hardy to minus 25°F. or below.
Russian Quince
These unique varieties are prized for their abundant crops of striking, bright yellow, tender and sweet fruit, which is good enough to eat fresh.
Cydonia oblonga
This valuable Russian variety bears abundant crops of very large, bright yellow, aromatic fruit with a delicious, lemony flavor. Aromatnaya fruit can be eaten fresh and it makes particularly delicious and attractive preserves. 2800
Cydonia oblonga
Large, round and bright yellow, this unique fruit is a striking sight covering this attractive small tree. Crimea™ features crisp, juicy and tender fruit with delicious, pineapple-like flavor and citrus-like fragrance. 2824
Cydonia oblonga
A popular variety in orchards throughout Central Asia, Kaunching produces abundant crops of lemon yellow, Grapefruit-size fruit, sweet enough to be eaten fresh and good for making attractive and delicious preserves and baked goods. 2803
Cydonia oblonga
From the southern Caucasus, north of Turkey and Armenia, this exceptional variety bears bountiful crops of large, round, bright yellow fruit. Kuganskaya is sweet and mild, good for fresh eating and for making delicious preserves and baked goods. 2805
Cydonia oblonga
This unique Ukrainian variety bears abundant, bright yellow, crisp and juicy fruit. Mellow™ fruit is very tender with a pleasant lemony flavor and fragrance. A more dwarfing tree than most Quince, it should grow to less than 10 ft. in height. 2828
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