Asimina triloba
This unique, hardy, native American tree features large, light green fruit and long tropical-looking foliage that turns a striking bright yellow in the fall. Pawpaw fruit combines delicious, fruity, banana-like flavor with creamy, custard-like flesh. The largest native American fruit, Pawpaw was a significant part of the Native American diet and, with our superior, large-fruited varieties, is enjoying renewed popularity. To ensure success with transplanting, our Pawpaw plants are supplied in containers. Plant two Pawpaw varieties for cross-pollination. Pawpaw is hardy to minus 20°F. or below.
Peterson Pawpaws™
We are pleased to offer these unique and superior varieties to American growers. Neal Peterson’s vision and work to improve this valuable, native fruit resulted in these special selections. They are prized for their large size, exceptional sweetness and rich flavor.
Asimina triloba
This very productive variety features large fruit with delicious, sweet, creamy-yellow flesh. Allegheny™ appears to be the earliest ripening of the Peterson Pawpaw™ varieties. 2703
Asimina triloba
Potomac™ can bear extremely large fruit which is prized for its delicious, sweet and richly flavored, creamy yellow flesh. Potomac is also unique for its attractive, upright growth habit. 2746
Asimina triloba
This patented variety features very large and flavorful fruit. Weighing up to 1 lb., Shenandoah™ is mid season ripening and features very sweet, creamy-yellow, custard-like flesh. 2701
Asimina triloba
The largest of all the Peterson Pawpaw™ varieties, Susquehanna® is later ripening and its fruit is very sweet and richly flavorful with few seeds. Individual fruits can weigh over 1 lb. (Plant Patent #15900) 2702
Asimina triloba
This superior variety is prized for its abundant crops of richly flavored, very large, sweet, high quality fruit. 2790
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