Peach & Nectarine
Prunus persica
With our easy to grow varieties, good crops of these sweet and delectable fruits can be grown in the Pacific Northwest and many other regions of the US. Our leaf-curl resistant varieties are especially important for gardeners who do not want to spray their trees. Please note: While our leaf curl resistant varieties are resistant to this debilitating disease, they are not immune and may show some signs of it, especially in wet springs.Peaches and Nectarines are hardy to minus 20°F. or below and are generally self-fertile.
Autumn Rose
Prunus persica
This Leaf-Curl resistant, New Zealand variety features unique, dark red, freestone fruit with very attractive and tasty burgundy red and white flesh. 1605
Prunus persica
An excellent, disease-resistant variety, Charlotte bears good crops of deliciously sweet, orange-red, semi-freestone fruit. 1610
Prunus persica
Found in western Canada, this new, leaf-curl resistant variety is a reliable producer of beautiful, reddish-orange, freestone, sweet and tasty fruit. 1628
Oregon Curl Free
Prunus persica
This superior, leaf-curl resistant variety produces good crops of large, tasty, sweet and juicy, orange-yellow Peaches. These delicious, semi-freestone peaches ripen in mid-August and are excellent for fresh eating, preserves and freezing. 1630
Salish Summer
Prunus persica
Formerly known as Q 1-8, this unique white-flesh variety features showy pink blossoms followed by large, reddish-orange, juicy, and flavorful peaches. Q1-8 is very resistant to Peach Leaf Curl. 1635
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