Actinidia spp.
Unique, attractive and ornamental vines, Kiwis are native to Asia and Eastern Russia. Easy to grow and free of pests and diseases, Kiwis produce abundant crops of delicious and nutritious fruit. In addition to the familiar, fuzzy brown Kiwi, we offer other species of Kiwi, which are not so well known to American gardeners and consumers. All Species of Kiwi require a male and female plant for cross-pollination and fruit production.
Fuzzy Kiwi
Prized for its beauty as well as for its fruit, Fuzzy Kiwi features striking, red, fuzzy new shoots, lush, large, round fuzzy foliage, and abundant crops of fuzzy brown fruit. An attractive cover for a patio or arbor this vigorous vine can quickly spread to 10 ft. or more in width, One Fuzzy Kiwi female can produce over 100 lbs. of fruit which can be stored for several months in a cool shed or room and even longer under refrigeration. Fuzzy Kiwi is hardy to 0°F.
Actinidia deliciosa
Selected in New Zealand, Hayward has become the most popular variety for home gardens and commercial production. Hayward is prized for its large size, attractive shape, delicious flavor and its abundant crops. 8220
Male Fuzzy Kiwi
Actinidia deliciosa
Chosen for its long bloom period, our male variety is an excellent pollinator for our female plants. It will pollinate up to 8 female plants and also makes a spectacular, ornamental vine. Male plants do not bear fruit. 8230
Actinidia deliciosa
Selected in British Columbia, Canada, this unique variety has proven itself a heavy producer of large, sweet and flavorful fruit. Ripening somewhat earlier than Hayward and being a bit more hardy, Saanichton is a good choice for cooler regions. 8270
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