Actinidia spp.
A large family of vines native to Asia, Kiwis add beauty to the landscape and provide nutritious and delicious fruit. Easy to grow, very productive and pest and disease free, they are among our favorite plants. All Kiwis require a male plant for pollination. Hardy and Fuzzy Kiwi varieties generally pollinate other. Arctic Beauty Kiwi male blooms too pollinate other species.
Fuzzy Kiwi
Actinidia deliciosa
This species produces the popular Kiwifruit found in markets throughout the country. A beautiful and vigorous vine with large, showy, white fragrant flowers, Fuzzy Kiwi is hardy to approximately 0°F and produces heavy crops in gardens west of the Cascade Mountains. Sweet and flavorful, Kiwifruit ripens in October and can be stored for several months in cool storage. Fuzzy Kiwis like half day to full sun, well-drained soil, and are not bothered by pests or diseases. Fuzzy Kiwi varieties need a male for pollination and will usually begin bearing 3 to 4 years after planting.
This popular variety of Fuzzy Kiwi is the one found in markets. Hayward's large, sweet and attractive fruit is especially delicious when home grown and vine ripened. Hayward is considered the best variety for commercial growing. 8220
Male Fuzzy Kiwi
A beautiful ornamental vine with large, fragrant flowers and foliage, our Male selection is a good pollinator for our female varieties. One Male will pollinate up to 8 females and does not bear fruit. 8230
This hardy Canadian variety is well suited for the backyard grower and small orchardist. The fruit is large and sweet and ripens about one week before Hayward. 8270
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