Pyrus pyrifolia
One of the world’s most popular and delicious fruit, Pears grace us with their wonderful flavor, sweet, juicy flesh and attractive form. While European Pears are more familiar to North American gardeners, Asian Pears, with their crisp, juicy and flavorful fruit, are becoming increasingly popular.
European Pears
Very attractive and productive fruit trees, European Pears are a great addition to any yard or landscape., European Pears ripen to a delectable tenderness and sweetness. and are great eaten fresh, dried, canned, and even make tasty juice, wine and cider. European Pears are hardy to minus 25°F. or below. Plant two varieties for cross pollination.
Pyrus communis
Beautiful, golden yellow Bartlett pears are sweet, juicy, and delicious, with delectable, buttery flesh. Bartlett is easy to grow, very productive and ripens in late August. 0900
Pyrus communis
Unique and very attractive, Bosc bears abundant crops of golden brown fruit with a distinctive long neck. Sweet, juicy, and very flavorful, Bosc is great for fresh eating, baking, and drying. 0905
Pyrus communis
One of the most delicious Pears we can grow, Comice is prized for its richly flavored, juicy, firm and delectably sweet fruit. An early winter treat, Comice is best when picked firm in late fall and stored in a cool room for a month or more. 0908
Pyrus communis
This unique, disease-resistant variety was found on Orcas Island, Washington, Orcas produces good crops of very large and attractive, carmine blushed, yellow Pears with smooth, sweet,buttery flesh. Excellent for fresh eating, canning and drying, Orcas is very reliable and productive and ripens in early to mid-September. 0915
Pyrus communis
This unique, productive, disease-resistant variety features very large, attractive, yellow fruit with reddish-orange blush. Sweet, juicy and flavorful, Rescue is great for fresh eating and drying. 0920
Pyrus communis
Also known as Sugar Pear, this delightful and productive variety is prized by Pear lovers everywhere. Extremely sweet and and juicy, Seckel fruit features buttery smooth, aromatic, flavorful flesh. 0936
Pyrus communis
This unique variety from former Yugoslavia produces baskets full of large, very early ripening, delicious and juicy fruit. Ubileen is very disease resistant and ripens in late July, fully one month before most other European Pear varieties. 0950
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