Malus spp.
Your customers will appreciate these easy to grow, delicious and disease-resistant varieties. For urban gardeners with little space or even just a patio or balcony, our attractive, tasty and compact Columnar varieties allow them to grow and enjoy their own fruit. Our Apple varieties are grown on sturdy, hardy, dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstocks.
Disease-Resistant Apples
These are the easiest to grow of all our Apples. Either immune or very resistant to Apple Scab and other diseases, they should produce abundant crops without spraying.
(USPP #9193) A very disease-resistant, high quality variety, Enterprise bears good crops of beautiful, deep-red, flavorful fruit.
Add $0.75 royalty to the price of each Enterprise Apple tree. 0137
(USPP #9392) A very hardy and disease-resistant variety, GoldRush bears abundant crops of large, golden-yellow, sweet, crisp, and flavorful fruit. One of our best keepers, GoldRush can be stored until late spring.
Add $0.75 royalty to the price of each GoldRush Apple tree. 0141
One of the best disease-resistant varieties, Liberty produces attractive, bright-red fruit with great flavor and crisp, juicy flesh. 0148
William’s Pride
(USPP #6268) A midsummer treat, this disease-resistant variety bears good crops of large, dark reddish-purple, very flavorful fruit.
Add $0.50 royalty to the price of each William's Pride Apple tree. 0170
Wynooche Early
A unique, disease-resistant, very early variety, Wynooche Early is prized for its delicious, full-bodied flavor and long storage life. 0176
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