Olea europea
This surprisingly hardy, small evergreen tree grows slowly and is happy in a container on a deck or patio. Olive trees feature attractive, grayish-green foliage and are prized for their abundant crops of tasty fruit. Olives begin ripening in October and must be processed before eating. Olives are hardy to around 8°F.
Crimean Olive
From the Nikita Botanic Garden, which is located on the shore of the Black Sea, these promising new selections are hardy and well adapted to our Pacific Northwest climate. We are testing them for pollination requirements and, at this point, recommend planting at least two varieties for cross pollination.
Black Pearl™
Olea europaea
Black Pearl™ is prized for its tasty, early ripening fruit, great for making both green and black Olives. Plant Black Pearl™ with another Olive variety for cross-pollination. 4052
Harvest Joy™
Olea europea
Harvest Joy™ is prized for its abundant crops of large, tasty fruit. 4043
Olea europea
Premier™ is valued for its good crops of very large, tasty Olives. 4047
Star of Crimea™
Olea europaea
This new and promising variety is prized for its flavorful, early ripening fruit. 4056
Olea europaea
Universal™ is prized for its abundant crops of large, green olives and for oil production. 4058
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