Malus spp.
With their delicious and nutritious fruit and attractive form, easy-to-grow dwarf Apple trees are an important part of the home orchard or landscape. Even more compact, our Columnar varieties can fit into the smallest of spaces. Dwarf Apple trees can even be grown in pots on a patio or sunny balcony.Depending on variety, Apples are hardy from minus 30°F to minus 40°F. Two varieties are required for cross pollination and good crops.
Cider Apples
Cider Apples are grown solely for their juice, which is used primarily for making alcoholic cider. Making cider is similar to making wine, but because apples have less sugar than wine grapes, Apple cider has a much lower alcohol content than wine. In the early days, before refrigeration and freezing, apple juice was commonly made into cider for long-term storage. Juice from cider Apples can also be used to spice up non-alcoholic Apple juice.
Amere de Berthcourt M-26
Malus domestica
A popular variety in French cider orchards, Amere de Berthcourt’s bittersweet juice is used for making alcoholic cider or adding body to sweet cider. Easy to grow and very productive, Amere de Berthcourt bears good crops of greenish-yellow fruit with a pink blush. 0007
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