Sea Berry
Hippophae rhamnoides
Very popular in Eastern Europe, Russia and China, Sea Berry is a new and very valuable plant for North American gardeners. Also known as Sea Buckthorn, Sea Berry is prized for its tasty and healthful fruit, its ability to grow in and improve poor soils and its striking large clusters of bright orange-yellow berries, which cover the branches and can persist well into the fall. Sea Berry fruit is very high in Vitamins C, A and E, and it’s tart juice, when sweetened, makes a delicious drink. The fruit is also unique for its oil content, which is used medicinally and in cosmetics.
Buryatian Varieties
These superior varieties are from a research station in the Russian Republic of Buryatia, which is located on the east side of Lake Baikal in central Siberia. Selected for their sweet, high quality fruit and compact growth habit, they are happiest and produce best in dry, cold climates similar to those east of the Cascade Mountains.
Amber Dawn™
Hippophae rhamnoides
Amber Dawn™ bears abundant crops of large, sweet, bright orange berries which make exceptionally high quality jam and juice. A particularly attractive variety, Amber Dawn™ grows to be a broad spreading shrub, 4-6 ft. in height. 5350
Klim’s Prize™
Hippophae rhamnoides
Selected by our friend and breeder Klim Arbakov, Klim’s Prize™ is a compact, upright growing shrub and bears abundant crops of large, bright orange berries. This unique, sweet, high quality fruit is good for fresh eating as well as for juice.#5253 5253
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