Ribes spp.
A favorite fruit for Europeans, most Americans have not had the opportunity to taste these delicious berries. Attractive additions to yards and landscapes, these very hardy, upright growing shrubs are a striking sight in fruit, with large clusters of pink, red, white or black berries cascading down the heavily laden branches. Currants are rich in antioxidants and are much higher in Vitamin C than oranges. Red, White and Pink Currants are basically different forms of the same species. Currants are self-fertile and hardy to minus 40°F. or below.
Black Currant
Black Currants are one of the most tasty and nutritious fruits. Uniquely flavorful, they are great for fresh eating and make the best preserves. Black Currants are also extremely high in Vitamin C and antioxidants.
Black September
Ribes nigrum
This superior Black Currant variety bears good crops of firm, large, sweet and juicy berries. Aromatic and flavorful, Black September fruit ripens in late July. 4860
Ribes nigrum
A popular English variety, Blackdown is prized for its abundant crops of sweet, juicy, jet black berries. With delectable taste and aroma, Blackdown is great for a tasty snack and for making delicious juice and jam. 4855
Ribes nigrum x uva-crispa
A unique cross of Gooseberry and Black Currant, Jostaberry is a vigorous, disease resistant and easy to grow, small shrub. Jostaberry bears good crops of large, jet black, sweet-tart berries, high in Vitamin C and good for fresh eating, jams and jellies. 5050
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