Pyrus pyrifolia
One of the world’s most popular and delicious fruit, Pears grace us with their wonderful flavor, sweet, juicy flesh and attractive form. While European Pears are more familiar to North American gardeners, Asian Pears, with their crisp, juicy and flavorful fruit, are becoming increasingly popular.
Asian Pears
Prized for their crisp, juicy and delicious fruit, Asian Pears are best locally grown and tree ripened to fully appreciate their sweetness and flavor. Abundant, showy flowers in March and large, dark-green foliage add ornamental value to these easy to grow fruit trees. Asian Pears are hardy to minus 25°F. Plant two varieties for cross pollination.
Pyrus pyrifolia
Featuring large, golden brown, richly flavorful and sweet fruit, this classic Japanese variety is very reliable and productive. Chojuro ripens in early to mid-September. 0705
Daisui Li™
Pyrus pyrifolia
This unique hybrid combines the crunchiness of Asian Pears with the delicious flavor of European varieties. Daisui Li™ bears abundant crops of very large, juicy and sweet, yellowish-green pears which ripen in mid-September. 0615
Large Korean
Pyrus pyrifolia
Also known as Korean Giant or Olympic, this unique variety can bear grapefruit size fruit with sweet, crisp and juicy flesh. These attractive, light brown pears can weigh more than a pound and ripen in early October. 0635
Pyrus pyrifolia
One of the most popular Asian Pears varieties, Nijiseiki bears abundant crops of large, crisp, juicy and flavorful, yellowish-green fruit. This is the fruit often found in markets in mesh bags, Nijiseiki ripens in late August into September. 0740
Pyrus pyrifolia
This new variety features large, very flavorful, attractive, golden-brown fruit. Raja bears abundant crops and is disease-resistant and hardy. 0643
Shin Li™
Pyrus pyrifolia
This superior hybrid of Asian and European Pear bears very large, greenish-yellow fruit with sweet, aromatic, crisp, and juicy flesh. Shin Li fruit is ready for harvest in mid to late September. 0650
Pyrus pyrifolia
This popular, large, golden-brown and flavorful fruit is very juicy and sweet, Shinko ripens in late September. 0655
Pyrus pyrifolia
This early ripening Japanese variety, bears abundant crops of sweet, flavorful and refreshingly juicy. fruit. Shinseiki ripens in late August. 0765
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