Camellia sinensis
An attractive and surprisingly hardy evergreen shrub, Tea can be easily grown in the Pacific Northwest and in other parts of the US with mild winters. Tea produces abundant, 1-1/2” wide, fragrant, fall-blooming white flowers accented by leathery, dark green foliage. Tea leaves are harvested throughout the summer and are used to make both green and black tea.
Korean Tea Seedling
Camellia sinensis
Hardy and productive, our Korean Tea plants come from the mountains of the Boseong region in South Korea. Boseong also features an annual Green Tea Festival in September. 6908
Sochi Tea Seedling
Camellia sinensis
From the Sochi region of Russia, near the Black Sea, these tough and hardy plants are from the most northern tea growing region in the world. Tea made from these plants is very aromatic and flavorful. 6940
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