Camellia sinensis
Attractive and surprisingly hardy evergreen shrubs, these fall-blooming Camellias produce the tea we all enjoy. Our plants are selected for their vigorous growth and ability to withstand temperatures below 5°F. Tea produces abundant white flowers in September, accented by dark green foliage. Tea leaves are harvested throughout the summer and are used to make both green and black tea. Tea plants are hardy to about 0°F and grow to 4 to 5 feet in height. They like full to half day sun and well-drained acidic soil.
Karatum is from the region near Sochi, Russia which is considered the most northern tea growing region in the world. This unique variety was selected for its upright, easy to harvest form and its vigorous growth. 6907
Korean Tea Seedling
These vigorous and productive seedlings produce abundant foliage that makes high quality green or black tea. Hardy and easy to grow, these plants are from South Korea's popular tea growing region. 6908
This hardy selection is from southern Russia, considered the northernmost tea growing region in the world. Prized for its attractive, upright form and large, dark green foliage, which makes high quality black or green tea, and for its prolific fall blooming, snow white flowers. 6930
Sochi Select
Another selection from the Sochi region of Russia, Sochi Select is prized for its abundant foliage which makes delicious green or black tea. Hardy and vigorous, this upright growing shrub is an attractive addition to any garden. 6950
Sochi Tea Seedling
From the Sochi region of Russia, near the Black Sea, these tough and hardy plants are from the most northern tea growing region in the world. Tea made from these plants is very aromatic and flavorful. 6940
Tea Oil Camellia
Camellia oleifera
Little known in North America, this unique, hardy and valuable plant is very popular in China where its seeds are used to produce a flavorful and nutritious oil used for cooking. Tea Oil Camellia forms a very attractive, evergreen shrub. It blooms in the fall as does the Tea plant, but it grows larger, to 12 feet in height when mature, and has large foliage. 6960
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