Stone Pine
Pinus spp.
Beautiful, stately, evergreen trees, our Stone Pines make great ornamentals and bear abundant crops of richly flavorful and very nutritious nuts. These nuts are gathered and prized in Russia, Asia, Europe and other regions of the world.
Korean Stone Pine
Pinus koraiensis
A beautiful tree with whorls of dark-green needles, this very hardy Pine is an attractive and stately tree planted singly or in groups. Its large and tasty nuts are gathered in Korea and eastern Russia and are greatly prized for their rich flavor and nutritional value. Korean Stone Pine is hardy to minus 40°F. 4310
Siberian Stone Pine
Pinus cembra ssp. sibirica
This attractive and stately tree is one of the hardiest trees on our planet. In additions to it abundant crops of tasty nuts, Siberian Stone Pine is also prized for its attractive dark green foliage and dense, pyramidal shape. Its extremely slow growth rate makes it a good plant for container culture and small gardens. Siberian Stone Pine is hardy to minus 50°F. 4320
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