Schisandra Vine
Schisandra chinensis
Native to the forests of northern China and the Russian Far East, this beautiful and extremely hardy vine is valued for its medicinal qualities and its attractive flowers, foliage, and striking, crimson berries which have a tart and very lemon-like taste and aroma. Very popular in Chinese medicine, all parts of the plant are used for treating various illnesses. One plant can bear up to 20 lbs. of fruit, which makes tasty and nutritious juice. Schisandra Vine likes some shade and is happy growing on a fence, wall, or arbor. Schisandra Vine is hardy to minus 40°F.
Eastern Prince™
Eastern Prince™ bears good crops of large, tasty fruit high in Vitamin C, micro-elements, essential oils and schisandrin, an energizing and healthful compound. 9150
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