Prunus persica
There's hardly a better fruit than a delectable, juicy, tree-ripened Peach. Our unique, disease-resistant varieties produce good crops without spraying in the Pacific Northwest and other regions of the U.S.
Prized for its strong resistance to Peach Leaf Curl, Charlotte bears good crops of large, tasty freestone fruit. These sweet and juicy Peaches are great for fresh eating and canning. 1610
Sometimes called the 'Bagel Peach' because of its shape, Galaxy is prized for its large, creamy orange, juicy and sweet fruit with fine-textured, melting flesh. 1612
This unique variety was found in Ashland, Oregon and is prized for its disease resistance and large, attractive, sweet and flavorful, orange-yellow peaches. 1622
Oregon Curl Free
This variety's strong disease-resistance makes it a good choice for the Northwest and other regions. Oregon Curl Free bears abundant crops of sweet and juicy Peaches that ripen in early to mid-August. 1630
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