Passiflora spp.
These attractive, vigorous vines feature striking, complex and beautiful flowers, which begin blooming in July and continue until frost. Surprisingly hardy, our varieties can be grown outside in our region and other areas with mild winters. Maypop can be grown in much colder regions.
Blue Crown
Passiflora caerulea
This beautiful, fast growing vine produces spectacular, bluish-white flowers which begin blooming in July and continue until hard frost. Blue Crown is hardy to about 12º F. 9262
Passiflora incarnata
This attractive and very hardy perennial vine features abundant, showy, pinkish purple flowers from July until frost. Following the flowers are greenish yellow fruit with the delicious and sprightly taste of tropical Passionfruit. Maypop can be grown where temperatures fall as low as minus 20°F. 9277
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