Prunus persica var. nucipersica
While some think of Nectarines as fuzzless Peaches, they are really a different fruit, with their own unique and appealing flavor and texture. In addition to delicious fruit, our Nectarines are particularly resistant to Peach Leaf Curl, the main disease that makes growing Nectarines and Peaches difficult in the Pacific Northwest.
Kreibich Nectarine
A great Nectarine for Oregon, Washington, and other regions of the U.S., Kreibich features good crops of very sweet and juicy red-striped fruit with white flesh. 1620
One of the best varieties for the Pacific Northwest and other regions of the US, Morton has impressed us with its high degree of disease resistance and its abundant, annual crops of large, dark red fruit. Sweet, juicy and delicious, Morton fruit ripens in August. 1624
Pacific Pride™
(Kreibich #1 cv.) This select seedling of Kreibich bears abundant, large, juicy and sweet red and green striped white-flesh Nectarines. As with Kreibich, Pacific Pride™ is resistant to Peach Leaf Curl and easy to grow. 1633
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