Mt. Ash
Sorbus spp.
Our unique Russian and Eastern European varieties combine striking ornamental value with tasty and healthful fruit. Prized by birds too, these varieties are adaptable to most soils and are hardy to about minus 40°F. Plant two varieties for best fruit production.
Baby Shipova
X Sorbopyrus auricularis
Newly rediscovered, this unique variety features delicious, aromatic, yellow-orange fruit, similar to Shipova, but on a smaller tree. 2930
Sorbus aucuparia
This unique Russian Selection features an upright growth habit and abundant clusters of snow-white flowers followed by large, bright orange fruit. The fruit can be eaten fresh and makes a tasty juice. 2969
Sorbus x Pyrus
From Yugoslavia, this unique and attractive hybrid of Mountain Ash and Pear produces delectable, aromatic, yellow-orange fruit about as big as a large apricot. Shipova grows to be a small to medium size tree, pyramidal in shape, with dark silver-grey foliage. 2925
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