Mespilus germanica
A classic European garden favorite, Medlar grows to be a small, 8 to 10 foot tall tree with striking, long, tropical-looking foliage, large white flowers forming at branch tips, and abundant, brown 2 inch diameter unique fruit. Medlar fruit is eaten when soft-ripe, when it has the texture and taste of spiced applesauce. Medlar likes half day to full sun and well-drained soil, is self-fertile and is hardy to minus 25°F.
Breda Giant
This attractive, classic Dutch variety bears abundant crops of large, sweet, flavorful and fine-textured fruit. 3000
(Mespilus #3 cv.) One of our favorite varieties, Marron™ bears abundant harvests of medium-size, particularly tasty, chestnut-brown fruit. 3008
An attractive small tree, Royal produces abundant crops of very large, tasty, nut-brown fruit. 3015
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