Ziziphus jujuba
This rare and unique Chinese native features compact growth habit, attractive, contorted branches, fine lacy foliage, and profuse, small fragrant flowers. Jujube's tasty, reddish-brown fruit ripens in late fall with a sweet, apple-like flavor. Jujube is hardy to minus 20°F or below and can grow to 8 to 10 feet in height. While somewhat self-fertile, planting two varieties ensures good crops. Jujube is not bothered by pests or diseases.
Autumn Beauty™
(Qi Yue Xian cv.) This popular, early ripening Chinese variety features abundant crops of large, 2 inch long, dark chocolate brown fruit. Crips, very sweet and flavorful, it is great for fresh eating and drying. 3151
Black Sea™
(Yalta #1 cv.) This hardy and valuable variety originated in southern Ukraine at the Nikita Botanic Garden on the Crimean Peninsula. Black Sea™ bears heavy crops of large, crisp, sweet and flavorful, chocolate-brown fruit. 3198
(Yalta #2 cv.) A valuable Ukrainian variety, Coco™ is prized for its abundant crops of golden-brown fruit with a unique, coconut-like flavor. 3152
Empress Gee™
(Wang-dae-choo cv.) An excellent, early ripening Jujube variety from Korea, Empress Gee™ is prized for its very large and sweet, dark brown fruit. Crisp and flavorful, it is great for fresh eating and good for drying. Empress Gee™ forms an attractive, naturally compact tree. 3162
Honey Jar
This unique variety is prized for its abundant crops of exceptionally sweet, dark glossy brown fruit. Honey Jar ripens early and is great for fresh eating and drying. 3166
This attractive small tree produces abundant, very large, sweetand crisp fruit. The size of a small egg, the fruit is good for fresh eating, dried and candied. 3180
(17p16g cv.) From the Nikita Botanic Garden in Ukraine, this unique early-ripening variety bears abundant crops of large, sweet and flavorful dark brown fruit. An attractive and compact tree, Massandra™ is a fine addition to any landscape. 3182
Xian Beauty™
(Zhang Hua Dong Zao cv.) Sweet, crisp and delicious, this unique Chinese variety is early ripening and bears abundant crops of large, chocolate brown fruit. Great for fresh eating, it is also good for drying. 3197
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