Ziziphus jujuba
A striking ornamental as well as fruiting plant, this rare and unique small tree is prized for its fine lacy foliage, profuse, small, fragrant, white flowers which bloom in mid-summer, and its unique and tasty , reddish-brown fruit. Also known as Chinese Date, the crisp, sweet fruit has an apple-like flavor and is eaten fresh or dried. or candied. Jujube is very attractive to bees and produces delicious late-summer honey. Easy to grow, Jujube can stand some drought and grows well in the Northwest as well as in other regions of the US. While considered self-fertile, planting two varieties will ensure good crops. Jujube grows 8 to 10 ft. in height and is hardy to minus 20°F. or below.
Ziziphus jujuba
Prized for its attractive form and striking, large, pear-shaped fruit, Lang is one of our most popular varieties. Lang’s crisp and flavorful fruit is delicious eaten fresh, dried, or candied. 3170
Ziziphus jujuba
This popular variety produces abundant, attractive, very large, mahogany brown fruit. Sweet, crisp, and flavorful, Li's fruit is the size and shape of a small egg with a very small, almost imperceptible seed. 3180
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