Elaeagnus multiflora
A very popular fruit in the Russian Far East, China and Japan, Goumi is now widely planted in many European and American gardens. Goumi forms a medium-size shrub growing to 6 ft. in height with attractive, silvery green foliage, profuse white flowers and juicy, aromatic, scarlet-red fruit. Ripening in July, the fruit tastes somewhat like Pie Cherry and is very good for fresh eating as well as for making tasty preserves. Goumi is self-fertile and hardy to minus 25°F.
Red Gem™
Elaeagnus multiflora
Red Gem™ was brought to the Main Botanic Garden in Kiev, Ukraine from the Russian Far East, . It is prized for its productivity and high quality, very flavorful fruit. 6150
Sweet Scarlet™
Elaeagnus multiflora
Selected at the Main Botanic Garden in Kiev, Ukraine, Sweet Scarlet™ is prized for its large, sweet, and tasty fruit. 6158
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