Lycium barbarum
An attractive, vining shrub, Goji features light purple, bell-shaped flowers and abundant, bright red berries that ripen from mid-summer to late fall. In China, Goji’s pleasantly sweet and flavorful fruit is eaten fresh and used in many dishes. A valuable medicinal plant, Goji berries are very high in anti-oxidants, have more carotene than carrots, and contain all essential amino acids and many minerals. Goji is hardy to minus 15°F. or below and is self-fertile.
Crimson Star™
(Ningxia #1 cv.) Grown commercially in northern China, This popular variety produces good crops of tasty, large, bright red fruit. Crimson Star™ often begins bearing the year after planting. 9206
Red Empress™
(Damaye cv.) One of the most popular varieties in China, Red Empress™ bears abundant crops of large, dark red, sweet, tasty and nutritious berries. 9204
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