Ficus carica
Wonderful ornamentals as well as fruiting plants, naturally dwarf Figs grace the yard with their large, tropical-looking foliage and spreading habit. Surprisingly hardy, Fig trees are very happy in the Pacific Northwest and other regions with mild winters. The less vigorous varieties also make good container plants and can be brought into a protected location in areas with cold winters. Success with Figs in the Pacific Northwest depends on planting the right varieties. Our varieties have been chosen for their ability to produce sweet and delicious fruit in our Northwest climate. All of our Fig varieties are self-fertile and most bear two crops a year, the first in late July on the previous season's growth and the second in September on new wood. All of our varieties hardy to 5°F or below.
Vern’s Brown Turkey
While there are many fig varieties called 'Brown Turkey', most do not ripen their fruit in the Northwest. This variety, however, has proven to be a reliable producer of very large, sweet, delicious brown figs with light amber flesh. 3144
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