Sambucus spp.
These easy to grow, small to medium-size shrubs are prized for their spectacular, large, white or pink flower heads which are followed by large quantities of blue-black, tasty and nutritious berries. Prepare delicious "Elderberry Fritters" from clusters of Elderberry flowers and make jelly, syrup or wine from the berries!
Sambucus nigra
This popular and very productive variety is grown in Europe for fruit production. In addition to large clusters of tasty fruit, Alesso’s is prized for its dark green foliage and large clusters of creamy white flowers, 6103
Sambucus nigra
One of the leading fruiting varieties in Germany and Austria, Haschberg bears abundant crops of large, juicy and flavorful, bluish black berries. With its attractive dark green foliage and large clusters of white flowers, Haschberg also makes a fine ornamental shrub. 6112
Sambucus nigra
A popular European fruiting variety, Korsor grows to about 8 ft. in height and produces abundant crops of large, dark blue, flavorful and juicy berries. With its large clusters of creamy-white flowers, Korsor also makes a fine ornamental shrub. 6115
Sambucus canadensis
Nova features striking flowers in the spring and abundant, sweet and tasty berries in August!. Nova's almost black berries are good for wine, pies and jelly. 6125
Sambucus canadensis
This beautiful ornamental and fruiting shrub features very large clusters of creamy-white flowers and heavy crops of large, purplish-black berries. York's berries make delicious pies, jelly, and wine. 6140
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