Aronia melanocarpa
Highly valued in Europe for both its ornamental value and nutritious fruit, Aronia's abundant clusters of showy white flowers in the spring are followed in the fall by large, jet-black berries and brilliant fire-red foliage. A small shrub seldom growing over 6 feet in height, Aronia is not bothered by pests or diseases. The large blueberry-size fruit is used to make nutritious juice and natural food coloring rich in anthocyanins. Aronia is hardy to minus 40°F (USDA Zone 3).
Dwarf Aronia
This very compact shrub features profuse flowers, tasty, jet black berries and striking, crimson red, fall foliage. Dwarf Aronia should grow to only about 3 ft. in height. 5505
This productive, attractive,, compact shrub grows 3- 4 ft. in height with abundant crops of large, jet-black berries. 5528
An attractive and productive small shrub, Viking is a popular commercial variety in Europe. Viking’s large, very dark blue berries are used to make tasty and nutritious juice and wine. . 5577
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