Malus spp.
Your customers will appreciate these easy to grow, delicious and disease-resistant varieties. For urban gardeners with little space or even just a patio or balcony, our attractive, tasty and compact Columnar varieties allow them to grow and enjoy their own fruit. Our Apple varieties are grown on sturdy, hardy, dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstocks.
Amere de Berthcourt
Perfect for the homeowner or orchardist who wants to make their own cider, Amere de Berthcourt is one of the best. This easy-to-grow, bittersweet variety bears good crops of juicy, bittersweet, greenish-yellow fruit. 0107
(USPP #9193) A very disease-resistant, high quality variety, Enterprise bears good crops of beautiful, deep-red, flavorful fruit.
Add $0.75 royalty to the price of each Enterprise Apple tree. 0137
(Bill's Red Flesh Crab cv.) A delightful sparkling jewel of an apple, Firecracker™ looks like a miniature Red Delicious, but has bright red flesh and tangy flavor. This unique and attractive crabapple is a naturally compact and easy-to-grow tree. 0151
Golden Sentinel
This productive and exceptionally disease-resistant variety bears large and attractive, golden-yellow fruit. Sweet, juicy and delicious, it ripens in mid-September and can be stored until January. Golden Sentinel is good for fresh eating and makes delicious pies and sauce. 0190
(USPP #9392) A very hardy and disease-resistant variety, GoldRush bears abundant crops of large, golden-yellow, sweet, crisp, and flavorful fruit. One of our best keepers, GoldRush can be stored until late spring.
Add $0.75 royalty to the price of each GoldRush Apple tree. 0141
One of the most delicious apples we can grow, this very hardy variety originated at the University of Minnesota. Honeycrisp bears goocrops of crisp, juicy and flavorful scarlet-red fruit with a yellow background. 0143
One of the best disease-resistant varieties, Liberty produces attractive, bright-red fruit with great flavor and crisp, juicy flesh. 0148
Mountain Rose
Beautiful, deep pink blossoms followed by large, greenish-gold, conical-shaped fruit. The striking, dark red flesh is crisp and flavorful. 0153
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