Malus spp.
With their delicious and nutritious fruit and attractive form, easy-to-grow dwarf Apple trees are an important part of the home orchard or landscape. Even more compact, our Columnar varieties can fit into the smallest of spaces. Dwarf Apple trees can even be grown in pots on a patio or sunny balcony.Depending on variety, Apples are hardy from minus 30°F to minus 40°F. Two varieties are required for cross pollination and good crops.
Amere de Berthcourt M-26
Malus domestica
A popular variety in French cider orchards, Amere de Berthcourt’s bittersweet juice is used for making alcoholic cider or adding body to sweet cider. Easy to grow and very productive, Amere de Berthcourt bears good crops of greenish-yellow fruit with a pink blush. 0007
Malus domestica
Very disease-resistant and easy to grow, this new, patented variety from Purdue U. bears good crops of beautiful, deep red, juicy and flavorful fruit. Enterprise ripens in early October and can be stored for several months. Enterprise is good for fresh eating and makes delicious sauce, pies and crisps. 0137
Malus domestica
A real blast, this unusual variety features bright red fruit and striking, deep red flesh. Firecracker™ is often considered a crabapple and is great for salads, desserts and juice. A naturally dwarf tree, Firecracker™ produces abundant crops and is hardy to minus 40°F. 0151
Golden Sentinel™
Malus domestica
Enjoy the striking pillar of snow-white flowers on this unique variety. Following this spectacular spring flower display are good crops of large, attractive, golden yellow fruit. Sweet, firm, and delicious, Golden Sentinel™ is good for fresh eating, cider, and baking. 0090
Malus domestica
This patented selection from Purdue U. bears abundant crops of large, golden-yellow, sweet, crisp and flavorful fruit. Great for fresh eating and baking, GoldRush ripens in October, and can be stored until late spring. 0141
Malus domestica
This popular, unique and delicious variety bears abundant crops of large, round, scarlet red fruit with a yellow background, Honeycrisp’s™ very juicy, crisp and flavorful fruit ripens in early September and can be kept for several months in cool storage. 0143
Malus domestica
Liberty bears large, attractive, bright red fruit with sweet, flavorful, crisp and juicy flesh. One of the best disease-resistant varieties, Liberty is great for eating fresh and baking. Liberty ripens in mid to late September and stores well until January. 0148
Mountain Rose
Malus domestica
Mountain Rose displays profuse pink blooms in the spring followed by large, greenish yellow, sweet-tart apples with crisp, dark red flesh. Mountain Rose ripens in early October and can be stored until spring. 0153
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