Actinidia spp.
A large family of vines native to Asia, Kiwis add beauty to the landscape and provide nutritious and delicious fruit. Easy to grow, very productive and pest and disease free, they are among our favorite plants. All Kiwis require a male plant for pollination. Hardy and Fuzzy Kiwi varieties generally pollinate other. Arctic Beauty Kiwi male blooms too pollinate other species.
Ornamental Kiwi
In addition to the Kiwi varieties we offer that are grown for their delicious fruit, there are related Kiwi species that are primarily prized for their ornamental value. Actinidia pilosa is one of those, a very attractive vine with long, narrow leaves that begin green in color and then become frosted white.
Pilosula Kiwi
Actinidia pilosula
We thoroughly enjoy the striking, variegated foliage of this Chinese native. This compact vine is prized for its long, narrow, dark green foliage that becomes clothed with white patches and accents and profuse, fragrant, rose pink flowers. Hardy to minus 10°F, this beautiful vine likes partial shade and well-drained soil. Our variety is a male clone that does not bear fruit. 8650
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