Ribes spp.
Very popular in Europe and other regions of the world, Currants are not well known in the U.S. Beautiful additions to the landscape or attractive container plants, Currants feature striking clusters of black, red, white or pink, delicious and intensely flavored berries. Our unique selections are especially well suited for our Pacific Northwest climate. Vigorous, very productive and disease-resistant, these valuable varieties will reward your customers with abundant crops of tasty fruit.
Clove Currant
Ribes aureum var. villosum
This unique, small shrub deserves to be more widely planted in American gardens. Easy to grow and very hardy, it features profuse, yellow flowers with a spicy, clove-like fragrance. The deliciously fragrant flowers are followed by equally delicious, large, sweet and flavorful, jet black berries.
Black Topaz™
(RA-5/06 Seedling cv.) This unique selection of Clove Currant is prized for its yellow, very fragrant flowers in spring, which are followed by abundant, large, sweet and flavorful, jet black berries. Black Topaz™ fruit ripens in July and it forms is an attractive, easy to grow, small shrub.
Add $0.25 royalty to the price of each Black Topaz™ Clove Currant plant. 4802
Crandall is an easy to grow ornamental and fruiting shrub with early spring clusters of yellow, fragrant flowers followed by abundant , very large, jet black, sweet and flavorful berries with a hint of spice. 4870
Missouri Giant
As its name implies, this variety produces good crops of very large fruit. Prized not only for its jet-black, sweet and flavorful berries, Missouri Giant also features a spring display of bright yellow flowers with a clove-like fragrance. 4873
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