Our unique, dwarf Citrus varieties can be grown in pots just about anywhere. Home gardeners throughout the U.S. love growing these beautiful, compact trees. In cold regions, grow these dwarf, attractive trees in containers and move them inside to a sunny location in the fall to protect them from winter cold. Wonderful ornamental and fruiting plants, they feature deliciously fragrant flowers and full-size, tasty fruit. Our dwarf Citrus are grafted onto Flying Dragon rootstock which keeps the plants below 6 feet in height and induces early fruit production.
These uniques varieties are hybrids of Tangerine and Sweet Orange. Large and bright orange, they feature delicious sweet-tart flavor and easy to peel skin, great for fresh eating and for making tasty juice.
Kiyomi Tangor
Citrus reticulata
A unique hybrid of Mandarin and Sweet Orange, Kiyomi Tangor bears good crops of large, bright orange fruit with a pebbly-textured skin. Rich and spicy in flavor, it is good for fresh eating and for juice. 2635
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