Our unique, dwarf Citrus varieties can be grown in pots just about anywhere. Home gardeners throughout the U.S. love growing these beautiful, compact trees. In cold regions, grow these dwarf, attractive trees in containers and move them inside to a sunny location in the fall to protect them from winter cold. Wonderful ornamental and fruiting plants, they feature deliciously fragrant flowers and full-size, tasty fruit. Our dwarf Citrus are grafted onto Flying Dragon rootstock which keeps the plants below 6 feet in height and induces early fruit production.
A fascinating group of citrus varieties, Kumquats are prized for their sweet, thin skin and tart, flavorful flesh. Eaten whole, they are a taste treat!
Centennial Variegated
Fortunella margarita
This very unique Kumquat is prized for its compact growth habit and striking, white and green variegated foliage. The fruit features very sweet, thin skin and is an incredible taste treat combined with the tangy and tart flesh. 2642
Fortunella obovata
This unique and hard-to-find Chinese variety is prized for its large, juicy, flavorful fruit with very sweet, thin skin. A fine ornamental plant and good for container growing, it features a compact growth habit, summer flowering and abundant crops of bright orange fruit. 2643
Fortunella crassifolia
The exceptionally sweet and tasty fruit of this unique variety is a real taste treat. Meiwa fruit features very sweet skin and deliciously tangy flesh. Easy to grow, Meiwa features an attractive, compact growth habit and prolific, fragrant flowers. 2644
Nordmann Seedless Nagami
Fortunella margarita
Unlike most other citrus, Kumquats are valued for their sweet and tasty peel. This naturally dwarf and unique variety produces bumper crops of petite, bright orange, elongated fruit. 2645
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