Malus spp.
Your customers will appreciate these easy to grow, delicious and disease-resistant varieties. For urban gardeners with little space or even just a patio or balcony, our attractive, tasty and compact Columnar varieties allow them to grow and enjoy their own fruit. Our Apple varieties are grown on sturdy, hardy, dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstocks.
Redlove™ Apples
From the breeding work of Markus Kobelt in Switzerland, these unique new varieties feature striking red flesh, great flavor and excellent disease resistance. These superior varieties are a great addition to the home garden!
Add $2.00 royalty to the price of each Redlove™ Apple tree.
Redlove® Calypso
(USPP #27,624, Luregust cv.) This unique Redlove® variety features very aromatic, sweet, firm and juicy, beautiful dark red flesh. Redlove® Calypso ripens in mid to late September and can be stored until Christmas. An excellent variety for the home gardner, it is resistant to scab and powdery mildew. 0181
Redlove® Era
(USPP #27,625, Lurechild cv.) Very productive and disease-resistant, Redlove® Era is a great variety for the home garden. Redlove® Era features large red fruit with almost solid red flesh. Firm, crisp, juicy and refreshingly sweet with a hint of tartness, it is great for fresh eating and it makes a tasty juice. Redlove® Era ripens in mid-September and can be stored for several months. 0183
Redlove® Odysso
(USPP #27,502, Luresweet cv.) Prized for its large, beautiful, aromatic and very sweet fruit, this easy to grow Redlove® variety is very resistant to apple scab and powdery mildew. Redlove® Odysso ripens in late September to early October and can be stored until February. 0185
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