Our unique, dwarf Citrus varieties can be grown in pots just about anywhere. Home gardeners throughout the U.S. love growing these beautiful, compact trees. In cold regions, grow these dwarf, attractive trees in containers and move them inside to a sunny location in the fall to protect them from winter cold. Wonderful ornamental and fruiting plants, they feature deliciously fragrant flowers and full-size, tasty fruit. Our dwarf Citrus are grafted onto Flying Dragon rootstock which keeps the plants below 6 feet in height and induces early fruit production.
Unique Citrus
Unique flavors and unusual forms distinguish these hard to find varieties.
Flying Dragon
Poncirus trifoliata monstrosa
A unique and exotic Citrus relative, Flying Dragon is a deciduous, very dwarf tree with attractive, contorted branches and hook shaped thorns. Flying Dragon bears tart, yellow, 2” diameter fruit that can be used to make a lemon-like seasoning. Hardy to 0°F. aFlying Dragon can be grown outside in many areas of the Pacific Northwest and other regions of the U.S. with mild winters. 2602
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