Prunus spp.
One of our most useful and popular fruits,treat your customers to these superior cherry varieties. Very productive, with sweet and flavorful fruit, they are favorite plants for the home orchard.
Sweet Cherries
Large, sweet and flavorful, these excellent varieties are great summer snacks and can be frozen, dried or preserved and enjoyed all winter. Vigorous and disease resistant, our varieties will bear abundant crops of delicious fruit. Most Sweet Cherry varieties are hardy to minus 20°F. or below. Kristin is hardy to minus 25°F.
Compact Stella
Prunus avium
This unique, self-fertile Cherry should grow to only about 10-12 ft. in height. Bearing tasty, firm heart-shaped black fruit, Compact Stella is well adapted to Northwest growing conditions. 2105
Prunus avium
Developed in Geneva, New York, Kristin is one of the hardiest sweet cherries. Kristin has withstood minus 25°F tempeatures and produces abundant crops of large, dark-burgundy fruit with flavorful, firm and juicy flesh. 2120
Prunus avium
Known as the self-fertile Bing, This valuable Canadian variety bears heavy crops of very large, sweet and delicious dark-purple fruit. A popular commercial variety, Lapins is one of the best sweet cherries available. 2130
Prunus avium
Highly prized in the Northwest and throughout the country, Rainier produces abundant crops of delicious, beautiful, very large, golden-yellow fruit with a red blush. 2140
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