Actinidia spp.
Unique, attractive and ornamental vines, Kiwis are native to Asia and Eastern Russia. Easy to grow and free of pests and diseases, Kiwis produce abundant crops of delicious and nutritious fruit. In addition to the familiar, fuzzy brown Kiwi, we offer other species of Kiwi, which are not so well known to American gardeners and consumers. All Species of Kiwi require a male and female plant for cross-pollination and fruit production.
Silver Vine
From the Russian Far East, this attractive vine is prized for its large, white, fragrant flowers, greenish-silver foliage and abundant crops of unique, sweet, light orange fruit. It is called Silver Vine because of the silvery-white cast the leaves take on as summer progresses. Silver Vine is hardy to minus 35°F. and likes some shade, especially in hotter climates.
Hot Pepper™
Actinidia polygama
This unique, female variety bears good crops of orange-yellow fruit with a sweet and spicy flavor, somewhat like a mild chili pepper. 8705
Pavel ™ Male
Actinidia polygama
A beautiful ornamental vine, this male selection features large, fragrant white flowers and silvery-white foliage. A good pollinator for Hot Pepper™ and Vera's Pride™, Pavel™ does not bear fruit. 8710
Vera’s Pride™
Actinidia polygama
This very attractive female selection bears large, sweet and tasty, light orange fruit. Vera’s Pride also features large, white, fragrant flowers and very attractive, white frosted foliage. 8720
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