Our unique, dwarf Citrus varieties can be grown in pots just about anywhere. Home gardeners throughout the U.S. love growing these beautiful, compact trees. In cold regions, grow these dwarf, attractive trees in containers and move them inside to a sunny location in the fall to protect them from winter cold. Wonderful ornamental and fruiting plants, they feature deliciously fragrant flowers and full-size, tasty fruit. Our dwarf Citrus are grafted onto Flying Dragon rootstock which keeps the plants below 6 feet in height and induces early fruit production.
Flavorful and juicy, Limes are typically a little smaller than Lemons with their own unique taste. Profuse winter bloomers, they are a very fragrant winter treat on indoor container-grown plants.
Bearss Lime
Citrus latifolia
Almost as big as a Lemon, Bearss Lime produces abundant, greenish-yellow, seedless, and very juicy fruit. Bearss Lime ripens in late winter into spring, and it can also produce some fruit year-around. 2650
Palestine Sweet Lime
Citrus limettioides
A unique, variety from the Middle East, Palestine Sweet Lime features beautiful, large, bright yellow fruit, which is more subtle in flavor than regular lime varieties. Popular in Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, it also makes a refreshing drink and the peel is grated and used for seasoning. 2659
Thai Lime
Citrus hystrix
A dual purpose Citrus, Thai Lime produces citrusy leaves used as a spice in curries and other dishes, as well as good crops of intensely fragrant fruit. 2615
Thornless Key Lime
Citrus aurantifolia
Prized for its very aromatic, flavorful and juicy, greenish-yellow fruit Key Lime is wonderful for juice, flavorings and the famous Key Lime pie, this easy to grow and harvest variety will produce fruit year-around. 2653
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