Prunus spp.
One of our most useful and popular fruits, Sweet Cherries are great fresh, dried, or frozen, and our Hungarian and Pie Cherry varieties make delicious baked goods and juice.
Hungarian Cherries
These unique varieties are easy to grow, naturally compact trees. They bear abundant crops of uniquely flavorful fruit, combining the best of sweet cherries and pie cherries. Hungarian Cherries are hardy to minus 25°F or below.
Prunus cerasus
This unique, self-fertile variety is one of Hungary's favorites. Danube™ bears abundant crops of large, juicy, glossy dark-red fruit with semi-firm flesh and delicious, sweet-tart flavor. 2110
Prunus cerasus
An early ripening, self-fertile variety, Jubileum™ is prized for its large, firm, very dark purple fruit that’s great for fresh eating and for making delicious juice and preserves. 2115
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