Malus spp.
Your customers will appreciate these easy to grow, delicious and disease-resistant varieties. For urban gardeners with little space or even just a patio or balcony, our attractive, tasty and compact Columnar varieties allow them to grow and enjoy their own fruit. Our Apple varieties are grown on sturdy, hardy, dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstocks.
Cider Apples
Cider Apples are grown solely for their juice, which is used primarily for making alcoholic cider. Making cider is similar to making wine, but because apples have less sugar than wine grapes, Apple cider has a much lower alcohol content than wine. In the early days, before refrigeration and freezing, apple juice was commonly made into cider for long-term storage. Juice from cider Apples can also be used to spice up non-alcoholic Apple juice.
Amere de Berthcourt
Perfect for the homeowner or orchardist who wants to make their own cider, Amere de Berthcourt is one of the best. This easy-to-grow, bittersweet variety bears good crops of juicy, bittersweet, greenish-yellow fruit. 0107
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