Diospyros spp.
These very ornamental fruit trees are very popular throughout the world. Persimmons are prized for their dark green, tropical-looking foliage, their yellow, orange, and scarlet fall color, and their striking, large, delicious, bright orange fruits, which, in the case of Asian Persimmon, adorn the tree until well after the leaves have fallen. American Persimmon is hardy to minus 25°F. Asian Persimmon is is hardy to 0°F.
Asian Persimmon
Diospyros kaki
One of the most widely grown fruits in the world, Asian Persimmons are very popular throughout Asia and in many European countries. Asian Persimmon is one of the most attractive fruiting trees and is prized for its large, bright orange, sweet and delicious fruit which is a striking sight on the tree well after leaf fall.
(Jo Choo cv.) The earliest ripening Asian Persimmon we know of, Cardinal™ is a great variety for the Pacific Northwest and other regions of the US. Cardinal™ is self-fertile and bears abundant crops of large, sweet fruit, which can be eaten when crisp and firm, like an apple. 1303
Early Fuyu
(Matsumoto Wase Fuyu cv.) This attractive, early ripeing variety produces good crops in our Northwest climate and in other regions of the U.S. Bright orange, Early Fuyu fruit is sweet and flavorful and can be eaten when firm like an apple or allowed to soften and become even sweeter. 1364
Early Jiro
(Maekawa Jiro cv.) This early ripening variety is a good choice for cooler regions like the Pacific Northwest. Early Jiro features large, bright orange, sweet and delicious fruit. A non-astringent variety, it can be eaten while firm like an apple. 1356
(Black Flesh cv.) This unique Korean variety features large, very sweet and flavorful fruit. Early ripening, it bears abundant crops of dark red fruit, which is ready to eat after it becomes soft and tender. 1372
(Do Geun Jo Sang cv.) An outstanding Korean selection, Phoenix™ is prized for it heavy crops of large, sweet and flavorful, bright orange fruit. Phoenix™ is very early ripening and features attractive, orange-red, fall foliage. The fruit is ready to eat when soft and tender. 1376
(Black cv.) Prized for its abundant crops of unique, sweet and delicious, glossy-black fruit. Raven™ is early ripening and also features striking, orange red fall foliage. Raven™ is self-fertile and is ready to eat when soft and tender. 1399
(Eun Poong Jun Si cv.) A new Korean selection, Robin™ is prized for its heavy crops of large, very sweet and flavorful, bright orange fruit. Robin™ fruit ripens early and is good for both fresh eating and drying. Enjoy this delicious fruit when it is soft and tender. 1378
This early ripening, classic Japanese variety is one of our favorites. An attractive and naturally compact tree, Saijo bears abundant crops of very sweet, conical shaped fruit. Great for fresh eating, harvest Saijo fruit when fully orange and allow it to soften like a tomato. It is also on of the best varieties for drying. 1390
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