Pyrus spp.
One of the world’s most popular and delicious fruit, Pears grace us with their wonderful flavor, sweet, juicy flesh and attractive form. While European Pears are more familiar to North American gardeners, Asian Pears, with their crisp, juicy and flavorful fruit, are becoming increasingly popular.
Asian Pears
Pyrus pyrifolia
Crisp, juicy and delicious, tree-ripened Asian pears are a gormet's delight. Showy flowers, large attractive foliage and fall color add ornamental value to these outstanding trees.
"The Rum Pear" Chojuro bears abundant crops of beautiful, large, dark golden fruit with rich, rum-like flavor. Juicy and delicious, Chojuro is one of our favorites and ripens in early September. 0705
Daisui Li
Crisp, juicy and sweet, this unique variety is also exceptionally flavorful. Daisui Li bears large to very large, yellowish-green, round fruit which ripens in early to mid September. 0715
Large Korean
One of our most popular varieties, Large Korean bears abundant crops of flavorful, crisp and juicy golden-brown fruit. Weighing up to 1 pound each, it is one of the largest Asian Pears available. 0735
(20th Century) This popular greenish-yellow variety is the large fruit often found in markets. Flavorful, crisp, and juicy, Nijiseiki ripens in mid to late September. 0740
This new variety bears beautiful, golden-brown, large, crisp, juicy and very flavorful fruit. Raja ripens in mid to late September. 0743
Shin Li
Prized for its rich and appealing flavor and its large, sweet and juicy fruit, Shin Li bears abundant crops of attractive, yellow, russeted pears with crisp, bright white flesh. Shin Li™ ripens in early to mid September. 0750
"The Butterscotch Pear" A prolific producer of very large and delicious fruit with dark-golden skin, Shinko is prized for its crisp, juicy flesh and sweet, butterscotch-like flavor. 0755
A beautiful, yellow, early ripening variety, Shinseiki is sweet, very juicy and flavorful. One of our most reliable varieties, Shinseiki ripens in mid to late August. 0765
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