Diospyros spp.
These very ornamental fruit trees are very popular throughout the world. Persimmons are prized for their dark green, tropical-looking foliage, their yellow, orange, and scarlet fall color, and their striking, large, delicious, bright orange fruits, which, in the case of Asian Persimmon, adorn the tree until well after the leaves have fallen. American Persimmon is hardy to minus 25°F. Asian Persimmon is is hardy to 0°F.
American Persimmon
Diospyros virginiana
One of the most delicious of our native American fruits, American Persimmon grows to be a small to medium size tree with upright form and attractive red and yellow fall color. Hardy to minus 25°F., American Persimmon can be grown in all but the coldest regions of the U.S.
Early Golden
This popular, classic variety is one of the best. Early Golden is early ripening and prized for its abundant crops of deep orange, very sweet and richly flavorful fruit. 1400
Male Persimmon
Valuable as a pollinator for our American Persimmon varieties, our Male variety also features attractive, reddish-orange fall foliage. Male Persimmons do not bear fruit. 1430
This outstanding, self-fertile variety produces good crops of sweet and delicious, light orange fruit. Meader also makes a fine ornamental with its tropical-looking foliage and reddish-yellow fall color. 1436
This unique variety is very attractive and naturally compact. Good for growing in a container as well as in the ground. Szukis bears good crops of early ripening, large, sweet and flavorful fruit. 1444
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