Quince, Flowering
Chaenomeles spp.
Prized for their fruit and for their ornamental value, our unique, hardy, Flowering Quince varieties are an attractive complement to any yard or landscape. These very hardy shrubs grow 4-6 ft. in height and their early blooms bring the first taste of spring. Flowering Quince fruit makes a vitamin-rich, delicious, lemon-lime flavored syrup. Flowering Quince is self-fertile and hardy to minus 30°F.
Chaenomeles japonica
An especially attractive selection, Contorted is prized for its compact growth habit, its white and pink flowers, and its unusual, contorted branch structure. Contorted grows to only about 3 ft. in height and bears abundant crops of tasty fruit. 5420
Chaenomeles japonica
This Ukrainian beauty features striking, reddish orange flowers that bloom from early spring well into summer. Following the profuse blooms are abundant, medium size, yellowish green, fruit. Tanechka™ forms a broad spreading, small shrub growing 3-4 ft. in height. 5440
Chaenomeles speciosa
This unique Japanese variety is prized for its spectacular, profuse, red, white, and pink flowers and its large, flavorful fruit that makes delicious syrup and jam. 5460
Chaenomeles japonica
Prized for both its beauty and its fruit. Victory’s™ abundant, scarlet-red flowers bloom in early March and often continue throughout the summer and fall. The large and attractive yellow fruits make flavorful and nutritious syrup and remain on the plant until late October. 5445
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