Punica granatum
Attractive deciduous shrubs, Pomegranates display showy, bright orange-red flowers followed by large, reddish-orange fruit. While not always reliable producers in the Pacific Northwest, they are valuable ornamental plants and, with our hardy varieties, deserve to be planted more widely.
Crimson Sky™
(Nikitskii Ranii cv.) A hardy new variety from the Nikita Botanic Garden, Crimson sky™ ripens early and is prized for its abundant crops of large, bright red, flavorful fruit. 6008
(Lubimi cv.) This unique variety features abundant, bright orange blooms that are followed by medium size, tasty, dark-orange fruit. 6050
This unique Japanese variety features striking, white double flowers and very large and flavorful, low acid, creamy white fruit. 6024
This unique and popular variety from southern Russia features beautiful, large, sweet and flavorful, red fruit with soft, edible seeds. Reportedly hardy to below 10°F, it should be well suited for Pacific Northwest growing conditions and other regions with mild winters. 6058
Sochi Dwarf
This very pretty small shrub grows to only about 3 feet in height and is covered from summer to fall with abundant, bright orange-red flowers, followed by striking, golf-ball size fruit. Sochi Dwarf makes a nice container plant on the deck or patio and is happy outdoors in a sunny, protected location. 6065
This variety produces the large, reddish-orange fruit found in markets throughout the country. A particularly nice ornamental shrub with striking red flowers, Wonderful grows to 8 to 10 feet in height. 6080
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